Taking the Meaning of Finding Your “Why” to a New Level

In my first year of starting my business  in WFG, at 21 years old,  I hit a significant milestone of making a six figure income and was rewarded not only with money in my bank account, but also with a huge super bowl ring that signified that momentous number. For me, at that age, starting with no market, no experience in the financial industry and having never made more than $22,000 per year before, it was a great accomplishment. In fact, it was the very reason why I started my business to begin with! To make money, lots of it! I had a very clear definition of what “lots of money” was; $100,000. I laid my plans out carefully of how I was going to do it and then I did it!

I remember that day so vividly, it was so exciting! It was the morning of the day that our computer system would update reflecting my six figure cash flow, and I couldn’t sleep! I knew it wouldn’t show until noon EST but I was sitting there at 5am PST hitting the refresh button on my browser as if it would magically update 10 hours early. I knew I hit the numbers but I wanted to see it on the screen, I wanted to visually validate that I had hit the goal that I set out to do. 10 hours later when the computer finally did update, it was party time! I was elated to have hit my goal, achieve my “why” and to make, what at that time I thought, was a lot of $$. When my ring arrived in the mail, it was all about showing it to all the people who told me I couldn’t do it, all the people who told me no, and to …well really anyone who would even remotely glance at my hand! 🙂

But pretty soon it got old, fast! A couple of years went by and even though my income kept increasing, making that six figure income didn’t seem as significant anymore. It was shocking to me as that had been my primary goal; but it just didn’t seem as exciting to me as it did before and I couldn’t understand why! There I was in my early 20’s making great money and living the American Dream out in Los Angeles, yet it just didn’t feel that great! The WOW factor wore off real quick. The very reason I had started in the first place wasn’t motivating me anymore and it was quite disturbing.

It wasn’t til my 4th year in business when I heard a talk by one of our Executive Chairman; Ed Mylett at a World Financial Group Convention of Champions in Las Vegas that I had a sudden shift. He gave a talk about a story of how a life was impacted by doing what we do for families. As he gave his speech, he didn’t talk about what we do or how, but WHY we do what we do; the belief level he had in what we did, and why everyone needed to get on board with the MISSION of what we were trying to accomplish. I had a total mind shift! Something suddenly clicked!

I never talked to people about the “why” because it was never even in my radar! I had always focused on what we did and how we did it and the income it would produce! My only “why” was the bottom line! $$$! It wasn’t that I never had heard of this concept before, of finding a reason for doing what you do, the motivating factor that will drive you. I had just thought that having money as a “reason” was enough. And for a short while it was. But when I heard Mylett’s talk; I got it! It had to be MORE than just money!

I suddenly felt free, I felt as if I knew what was bothering me so much the last couple years. A total shift took place and I felt completely transformed!

But I knew I had a large task ahead of me…which was figuring out what my reason was, for doing what I do, outside of just money. This was a process of months of searching with in my self, asking myself lots of deep questions about what I really cared about, what I wanted my legacy to be, I pictured my eulogy and what people would remember about me and I finally found some answers. I came up with my personal mission statement.

“To have a positive impact on the people who I come in contact with; leading  and inspiring them to do great things in the future that will go on to affect other people for generations to come.”

I also finally understood that this was a lifelong process and not an overnight process. It was a process of constantly developing myself into a better person no matter what stage I was at. And I strive to do that on a daily basis. It also prompted me to pick up from where I had initially built my business in California and expand and go open an office in New York! I realized my passion for helping people take control of their finances and for helping people become entrepreneurs and leaders! These were my real “whys”. Once I implemented those changes; not only in my thoughts but in the way I communicated about my business and what I was doing as well as in my actions, great things began to happen! I had a strong mission that people were buying into. The people I was attracting to my business were people who shared those values.  I was able to open a new office, double my income and the best part was it all had a purpose!

If you feel “empty” about what you do on a daily basis, figure out your “why”. Make it a priority to search within yourself to understand what makes you feel fulfilled beyond just money.

This video can give you some insight on that topic as well. You will see how companies need to find their “Why” as well, to be successful and make an impact.

Check it out:

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”  His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers.

We only have one life to live! Our time is our most valuable asset. We don’t know how much we have left and we can’t purchase more of it; make it count!

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  1. Great words of advice Fradel! You have always been such a positive and outgoing individual! I remember those early days, I know that you were and continue to be a true inspiration to many, myself included! Money will only motivate people so far, then what??? What is going to take them from good to great and from great to excellent! I wish nothing but continued success as you live your mission in blessing families!


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