The Differentiating Factors Between the Ordinary and Extraordinary

What is it that makes someone extraordinary? To be extraordinary; Is it a title? A degree? Luck? Is it genetics? In most cases its none of these!

When you take a look at people who are extraordinarily successful in a given area, you can see many commonalities in their actions and mindset.

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by many extraordinary people in my 9 years as an entrepreneur. From millionaires to extraordinary communicators, successful entrepreneurs, and people with the greatest physique. While getting to know their stories and how they got to where they currently are, I’ve learned and implemented many things in my life and business. Here are 10 points that many of them have in common. These are things I applied in my life and continue to improve on every day.

1. Passion – you have to be passionate! In order to achieve something great you have to be passionate about what you are doing. This doesn’t mean every day will be perfect or you won’t have to do some things you don’t love to do, but regardless you do everything with passion and love what you do! When I started my business in World Financial Group I was so passionate about it, you couldn’t get me to talk about anything else. Any entrepreneur that is extraordinary will live and breathe their business because they are passionate about it and that passion drives them!

2. It all starts with a decision. Don’t attempt to “try” things. Decide that you are going to do something and then go all out and do it! Have a “do or die mentality” If it doesn’t work learn from your failures. The saying “never burn your bridges” should only be applied to relationships and connections with people, not as a safety net to prevent you from fully commit to something you want to do.

3. Measure your expectations according to your actions. You won’t get a different result from doing the same thing you’ve always done. If you intend to change something in your life or in your business then you need to change what you are doing.

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

4. Never stop growing. Your always either growing or dying. Growth is not always comfortable or convenient. You can be comfortable or extra ordinary but not both. Personal development is a key factor in any successful endeavor. As you grow it’s important to seek out mentors and people who are better than you in the areas you want to grow in.

5. Be positive ALWAYS! Most people have a negative opinion on just about everything. Being positive not only makes things easier when things don’t go right but it also makes  it more probable for things to go your way. Being positive can also have a ripple effect on others who are not and can make major change. Extraordinary people are also positive in their own thought process. Your own self talk is where the positivity needs to start.

6. Take responsibility. It’s so easy to put blame on other people or circumstances. But that’s what ordinary people do. To be extraordinary step up and take responsibility for everything in your life. And make it happen!

7. It’s ok to fail, it’s not ok to not give it everything you’ve got.  My mentor from my Pipeline Fellowship, Nihal Mehta,  says he “got his MBA from the streets.” His biggest lesson came not from his success, but from the failure of one of his first startups. It’s not success that makes us, it’s our failures. Getting back up after being knocked down teaches us so much more.

8. Be proactive. Time is the hottest commodity we have! We don’t know how much we have left and there is nowhere we can purchase more. Don’t over think or over-plan. You get further ahead by taking the plunge and doing it! Adjustments can be made along the way. Ordinary people constantly are “thinking” about what they want to do. Extraordinary people recognize an opportunity and start immediately, regardless of if they know everything. You wont recognize success without starting!

9. Do what needs to be done regardless of your circumstances. Ordinary people do things based on how they “feel”. The extraordinary gets things done no matter what! Regardless of their emotions, circumstances or any challenges they face, they will make it happen. Life happens, deal with it! Any reason is an excuse. Extraordinary people don’t use excuses as to why they can’t do things, they find a way to make it happen.

10. High standards. Extraordinary people have high standards for themselves as well as the people they associate with. Ordinary people tend to wing it and go for bare minimum results when it comes to performance. They accept most anyone into their circle of influence as long as it makes them feel comfortable. Extraordinary people guard their associations and have high standards for their own performance, through intense preparation and hard work.

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  1. Yep, I believe that most people fail miserably at #9. In fact, it’s quite the opposite for many. They allow or in even look for reasons or circumstances to justify their lack of effort. They go on what I have called a “distraction hunt”. Their mission is to seek out the minor problems of life and make them into major immovable objects that “obligates” them to channel all their energies and focus on resolving that mountainous situation before they can anything else. Meanwhile, it is just another hidden excuse or justification for lack of desire, activity, or authentic interest.


  2. I really enjoy this article! It’s so very helpful especially #7, life happens, we gotta pick ourselves up and keep going! I hope to achieve success one day and have my own business!


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