Learning how to ride a motorcycle: A lesson in life

Last weekend I was able to cross off an item on my bucket list that I have been wanting to do for a long time; learning how to ride a motorcycle and getting my motorcycle license. The feeling of going fast in the open air has always excited and thrilled me and now I can legally do it! 🙂

As I was going through the course there were things that struck me as something that identified in every aspect of our lives. When you are on the bike the #1 key thing you must do is to look ahead in the direction of where you are headed as opposed to looking down to see where you are at. Especially when turning this is even more key, if you don’t look in the direction you are turning by turning you’re head in that direction with your chin up, you won’t complete the turn and you will get off track and drop your bike. You also learn to be able react to life or death situations where at times you may need to swerve in order to not get into an accident.

I was last in line to be tested (I think because the instructors thought I may need some extra attention lol) so I got to watch as other riders were going thru the motions of making the turns, some successfully and others not so much. Without fail those that looked in the direction they were headed completed the turn within the lined parameters we were given and those that were looking down or at where they were at went out of the lines!

Convention of Champions, MGM Grand Las Vegas

We can learn a life lesson from this; If you focus on your current circumstances instead of where you are headed you will “fall” in life! It’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges and adversity that comes our way. Many times we ‘over-think’ things and that causes us to slow down as well. Just like when driving a motorcycle look ahead to where you are going, not where you are currently at. Don’t over think things just ‘swerve’ around your challenges and keep moving!
Before you know it you will reach your final destination and along the way; Enjoy the ride!! 🙂

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