Living the American Dream


When’s the last time you stopped to think about the American Dream? Sure, you hear about it all the time, everywhere from movies to casual conversation, but when’s the last time you really took a moment to contemplate exactly what those words mean to you?

For many, the American Dream conjures images of idyllic 1950’s family life– a spouse, a home in the suburbs with a yard, a dog, a car, and two and a half kids– in other words, it’s that proverbial white picket fence that has come to stand as a symbol for social and cultural success. Marriage; family; homeownership: You’ve made it!

Many of us strive toward that holy trinity in our personal and professional lives, rarely stopping to ask ourselves if it’s what we truly want or, more broadly, if that version of the American Dream is even still relevant/attainable in today’s much-changed society. And while yes, a home and a family in the suburbs is desirable and achievable for some, it is becoming more and more dated and stifling to many Americans who may feel that without those traditional accomplishments, they are not truly successful.

I propose a makeover to the American Dream, something that we can all rally behind, and that can include a house and family but that can reach beyond that vision. To me, and for many of the clients and entrepreneurs I help every day, the American Dream means financial freedom. These two simple words imply a certain independence, an ability and flexibility, and a true power. Financial freedom doesn’t dictate a lifestyle; it can mean different things to different people. But it always means one thing: The ability to ultimately make choices about your life rather than being cornered by financial obligations and necessities.

Hand in hand with this concept is entrepreneurship. Who doesn’t want to be his/her own boss? In today’s job market, it’s an attractive– if scary– proposition to strike out on our own and pave our own roads to prosperity. But its the principle our country was built on. I think it appeals to the bootstrap-puller in all Americans, and it’s certainly what appealed to me when I started on that path 10 years ago. I can say with pride that only I am in charge of my life, my finances, and my successes. And who can you trust with those things besides yourself? I feel blessed to be in a position where I can help others on the path to financial freedom do that as well, every single day.

It’s the Fourth of July; tap into your own American Dream and take charge of your life and finances. I’m here to help.

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