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  1. Good Morning Fradel,
    Congrats on your new promotion..your first child! Awesome….you are in for an exciting journey being a Mom.
    I had the blessed opportunity to be at the Women and Wealth seminar last night and it was beyond my expectation. You and your team have really inspired me to go for it…to ask the whys, to put what you have taught into practice and the one that was big for me was faith, family and finances.
    Truly, you are an inspiration. I have a strong corporate background, excelled at it in my twenties and thirties, but my heart is ministry (serving) the people who are hurting and broken through a way that only God can heal. This is done through my writings. I will take what you taught and feed my passion.
    Thanks again Fradel and I do hope someday we will meet.
    Blessings….more and more!


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