Remembering 9/11

All of us alive that day remember the moment they heard the news of what happened on September 11, 2001. For me; living in NY and seeing the most vibrant city come to a standstill it seemed as if the entire world stopped. Over the next few days of processing this enormous tragedy most stayed at home with their families and the ones they loved most. As we started coming out and walking the streets of NYC there was a bond between strangers that was palpable. We all had something in common; we were ALIVE!

As I remember this day 14 years later I know that the only thing we can do to fight this battles me the monsters who did this, is to LIVE! And to cherish and protect those we love! 

Living isn’t merely surviving; it’s truly maxing out on our capabilities and what we can accomplish in our lives. Living each day with purpose.

Loving isn’t just a feeling in our hearts; it’s an expression and acts of kindness and selflessness.

Those are the two things the heroes that passed away on that day can no longer do. Let’s make sure we do that for them!

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