On this Thanksgiving day I reflect on what I am most grateful for. While there are so many things the one that stands out the most this year is; people. People can enhance or ruin our outlook on life, our environment and where we may end up in this precious life that we get to live only once! 

As I think about it; all the great things that took place in my life happened by meeting a person that led to a ripple effect. You never know… The answer to your prayers might be a person. 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

I have been blessed to be surrounded by incredible people in my life. 

I am grateful for parents for bringing me into this world.

For my siblings (all 11 of them) for having people to grow up with and getting to have that sense of family.

For my partner in life for his loving heart and dedication to our family.

For the people I call friends but are more like family to me.

For my mentors for all they pour into me; constantly stretching my vision and challenging me. 

For my clients who have placed their trust in me to guide them with their financial future. 

For my team for their dedication to making our team, The World Changers, the #1 team in World Financial Group and in the financial services industry and for committing to changing each of their own lives.

And lastly, this year I have a new person to be grateful for! My little angel, my son Gabriel. In the short 9 months of his life with me so far he has taught me more about love, the meaning of life, and about being a leader than in all my 13 years of working with people!  

I am so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This was a beautiful message. Thank you for sharing it. You are an amazing women and a true inspiration to everyone on your team. You worked so hard to become the women you are today and we should all be grateful to have you in our lives, I sure am.

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