Happy New Year 2016!

As I take inventory of 365 days gone by I am filled with hope and excitement for the future of my family, business and those I lead. 
Annually, I spend the last week of the year looking back at the year that has passed. Before setting goals for the new year ahead I take into account what was accomplished from the goals I set in the beginning of the year. Typically the feeling I get after doing this is a mixture of disappointment, accomplishment and excitement. Disappointment for the goals I failed to complete, accomplishment for those I got done and excitement for the new goals on a fresh slate I would be about to prepare.

This year as I go through this exercise so many more emotions come into play. Disappointment is replaced by awe and a feeling that anything is possible! This year I have accomplished more than 75% of the goals I set for the year (which weren’t small goals) and exceeded some of them as well! Which for me, is the highest percentage I’ve ever done! Blessing is the only way to explain it and gratitude is my reaction to it. 

As I remember the last 12 years of wishing and hoping for this feeling I know that #1 it is a blessing from God and second it’s a culmination of perseverance, persistence and never giving up hope for the future!

My advice to anyone looking to have success this coming year is to always set goals that are a not within your reach at the moment you set them. 

Stretch your vision and reach for something that may seem a little impossible at the moment! 

Read your goals daily and focus on the reasons “why” you are doing them; especially during tough times. 

Have a specific plan and daily action of how you will accomplish them. 

Review daily what was accomplished that day and set your goals for the following day the night before. 

Know that if you do this often enough you WILL reach your goals. Strive for excellence versus perfection! 

This year my goals are bigger than I’ve ever imagined and I know that applying these principles I will make them happen! The year of THE MILLION!

Happy New Years!!

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  1. Fradel, you are so inspirational. I truly admire you for whom you are and have become. Your mentorship in my life is one in a million! I wished you and yours the best always. Lots of hugs. Amber Saroza
    Please give your little bundle of joy lots of hugs n kisses on my behalf. 😘🎉


  2. You are such an inspiration! We need to stretch Vision with regard to our new office and territory. Thank you Fradel for friendship and most importantly leadership!
    Happy New Year!

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