Never Forget

Everyone has their own story of that day in NY 15 years ago. I too remember it vividly. Words are inadequate to describe what took place. The aftermath of freely expressed human emotion that poured from all people was unlike anything i had ever seen in my life until that point. At 18 years old, growing up and living in NYC, there was this toughness, thick skinned street trait that developed over the years and that day I saw all of that come down by every different personality type. From the media newscasters covering the story, to typically straight faced politicians to the business executives to the hard working street vendors, to the young adults trying to figure out where they would make it in the big city; we were all hit with something incapable of comprehension and what came out was a raw human emotion like no other. 

I remember that part because what I experienced that day and the next few days after touched me and changed me. Ofcourse I saw the horror of the events of that day caused by inhumane acts of terror. But I also saw all those different personality types in NYC and all over the country, bond and come together in many different ways without any other social interruption. Life as we knew it completely stopped for 3 days while we just held each other; memorials, singing circles, support groups that consisted of every class and race to support one another and honor those no longer with us.

It affected me so deeply because I came to realize the power of human emotion and deeply caring for another person that wasn’t necessarily family or friend but rather a stranger; and my belief in people grew. 

At that time I had no idea how much it would impact my life and the work I do now; but it did.

A couple of years later I moved to LA and started my financial services business where it was all about having to listen and care for other people and help them realize their goals and dreams; that’s when I realized how changed I was from that day; 9/11. From a carefree young city girl, to an adult wanting to make a difference.

Years later I moved back to NY and expanded my offices to Brooklyn and then to Manhattan. Now my main office is right near the NYSE and in the very area that it all happened that day 15 years ago. Every day I walk to my office and all I need to do is look up and I see the freedom tower as a reminder that we are still here; thriving!

I believe the human potential is designed to withstand all trials and tribulations no matter how horrific and come out better and stronger for it. We must never forget, never give up and always remain strong. 

NY will never be the same but we are here; thriving and living in this incredible city. I am fortunate to be among those to get to see that every day! #NeverForget #NYC 

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