Work Ethic – A Non Political Post

As a mom, female entrepreneur and the eldest of 12 children, I understand and value hard work and sacrifice.

The recent events surrounding Hilary Clinton’s illness really got me thinking. So many people take sick days when they just sneeze and make every excuse in the book to not show up to their work, lives or responsibilities. That’s where names like hump day, tgif etc come from. 

Here you have a woman that has dedicated a good portion of her life to something she believes in. Whether you share her beliefs or not it’s important to value her work ethic and take that as an example to learn from. She showed up to keep her commitments regardless of how her body felt and yes she is human; our bodies can be pushed to limits many never get to see but some also can get pushed too far and break down. The important thing is to do our very best and max out this incredible opportunity of life we have been given. 

I avoid politics as much as I can but this is non political; this is about a hard working female who is showing an example of pushing oneself to the max; that’s the lesson I took in all this and I want to share my view so more people can look at it that way.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this perspective. It’s so very true. Male candidates have been getting sick, losing their voices, taking a couple days off since campaigning began. We elect people, hopefully, because they are not just leaders but share our human compassions and concerns. That said, we should extend the same compassion and concern to them, male or female.


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