Season Of Change

First day of fall; the season of change! 
Fall to me signifies change – human nature makes us want to avoid change at all costs. 

Why? Because of fear! Fear of the unknown, and fear of being uncomfortable!

When I think about my life up to this point every major accomplishment both in my personal and business life came after a period of major change. Leaving my parents home at age 17, quitting college on the first day of a fully self funded semester to start my business, leaving the design industry to go into financial services, moving back to NY to expand my business by myself, giving birth to my son with no drugs through a 30 hour labor… And the list goes on!

Every one of these periods of change led to an accomplishment! There was major fear, but I used courage and mental toughness to get through it. There were major uncomfortable feelings and actions that I purposefully bought into my life and THOSE are the things that bought about the major accomplishment!

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”

What does your life look like right now? Are you comfortable with just “surviving” instead of LIVING the life you dream of? 

We get one shot in this life, making the most of it and maxing it out means getting UNCOMFORTABLE FIRST! Your always either growing or dying.

What will YOU do today that feels uncomfortable to move and grow you toward your dreams and goals??

#FirstDayOfFall #MakeItGreat

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