The F.E.A.R. Factor


With the fall season in full swing, it has me thinking of how many people unknowingly fall into their fears instead of seeing them as an opportunity for active growth.

Over the years, whether it’s speaking at a conference or with a friend, one of the biggest misconceptions I’ve come across is that successful people don’t have fear. When in reality, there is no such thing as no fear! These successful individuals hit what I call a “tipping point” where their desire to reach their goal, outweighed the dread that accompanies the risks they will have to take to succeed.

I want to help you take the fear out of your F.E.A.R. and succeed with these 3 steps and remember: FEAR = False evidence appearing real.

  1. Recognize: What fears are holding you back?
  2. Deconstruct: What triggers your fear?
  3. Create a habit of reaction: What habit can you develop that will help you manage your fear?

For example, I was terrified of public speaking, my voice would tremble and an uncomfortable lump in my throat would form. Although I knew that this is a common fear among others, it didn’t make my experience less fearful.

The Fear: Public Speaking

Trigger: Getting up on stage, voice tremor

The Habit: Practice and breathing. I would practice my talk over and over until I felt it was natural to me. In fact, the more I practiced, the less I had to consciously try to control it. For every 5 minutes of speaking time I would prepare and practice for at least an hour. Being conscious of the tremble allowed me to slow down and take a breath if I needed. It’s not like my fear of public speaking was eliminated overnight, but by facing it and taking control, I am able to manage it.


Ask yourself these questions:

  •  What fear(s) are keeping you from doing something great?
  •  When these fears are triggered, what two habits can you put into action to manage the fear in the moment and get past it?
  •  How often are you facing this fear? Because it truly gets easier with each encounter, so choose to challenge yourself.


Two of the most common fears are RISK and CHANGE, ultimately we struggle with the uncertainty of the unknown, but the bottom line is, you must take some risk to gain what you want. Like fear, risk can be managed by being calculated and outlining the pros (gain) and the cons (risk). When it comes down to business success, taking risks is the underlying starting point for any entrepreneur. Those that are willing to take risks with their time, money, and feelings are the ones that gain the biggest reward and typically have the highest incomes. Remember, taking a risk means putting yourself in a position that you might fail, but it’s also the only way you might gain the big reward!

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.” Mark Zuckerberg

Often, the reality of our dreams are just on the other side of our fear and no matter what form our fear takes, it stifles our thinking and positive action. This indecisiveness results in stagnation. I have known talented people who would rather procrastinate indefinitely than risk failure. Lost opportunities can cause an erosion of confidence, and a downward spiral begins.

So as it goes, there’s really no better time than now to take the fear out of your fears. Jump in the deep end and take the risks you need to change your legacy for good, even if it means failing a few times and getting up again.


“The biggest explosions I’ve had in business are the direct result of the biggest risks I’ve taken!”




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  1. In the short time I have in WFG, I have had the good fortune to see Fradel Barber speak twice and for me it has been an inspiration to listen to her experiences because she has given me the courage to seek and realize my dreams. Thank you!
    Elizabeth Figuera (Orlando, FL)


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