Women & Wealth: Unique Obstacles for Growing Your Money

Fradel Barber

I love talking to women about money. Yes, it’s taboo to air your finances in public, but everybody wants to talk about it! And it’s vitally important that we do, because women face particular challenges when it comes to growing and protecting their money.

Women have never been more economically powerful– we make up a majority of the workforce, we have the most consumer buying power, we hold over 50% of all stock– yet, according to a recent study by Prudential, just 2 in 10 of us feel “financially prepared.” This uncertainty isn’t solely a product of the weak economy; there are other, more subtle factors at play– and they may surprise you. Whether or not you have children or are married, these factors are affecting you and your finances.

First suprising obstable? Women live longer. But this is good news, right, ladies? The average American woman will live to…

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