Becoming a Mother: How It Helped Me Grow

There is no doubt about it, becoming a mom is one of the most sacrificial, selfless, and many times scary things that will take place in a women’s life!

However, what there is to gain is sooo beneficial and worth it! … and I’m not just talking about the cute baby you get to love! I’m talking about the way becoming a mother helps you grow as a person, at least it did for me!

Here’s how:

  • Love. As in really loving, more than I ever thought possible! As a child born into a loving family I was fortunately on the receiving end of love from my parents, siblings, aunts, cousins, grandparents.. and coming from a huge size family like mine (I am the oldest of 12 children and I have over 100+ cousins) there was lots of love and I am so grateful! It wasn’t until I became a mother that I became the receiver of love by giving… it’s something so hard to explain but any mother definitely knows what I mean. And once I received that type of love it made me want to give more love, not only to my children but to all those around me!
  • My Legacy Becoming My Purpose. Since becoming an entrepreneur I’ve always had a vision of what I wanted to accomplish and who I wanted to become while doing it. As I gained more experience and developed into a leader, that vision grew to include what impact I wanted to have in the world. But once I had children there was an added element that I now realize was the most important one: my why. Why was I doing all of it, what legacy was I leaving and who would benefit from it when I was gone from this world. This was a game changer for me in my mentality and the sense of urgency I had. It also gave me clear guidance in decisions that needed to be made so that I can align with my purpose to leave a legacy for my future generations.
  • The Way I Value Time. Time for me is a commodity; we don’t know how much we have left, we can’t purchase more of it, and we can’t replace it once used. And while I knew this to be true naturally, I still wasn’t maxing out my time to the fullest possible. When I became a mom it was as if time stopped and moved faster at the same time! Every minute seemed longer and more full, but days fly by quicker! Probably because there is more to do and even shorter timelines to do it in, when you have a baby and top that with being an entrepreneur and running a business; I had to make every minute really count! Days seem to fly by quicker now and just watching my kids grow makes me feel like I’m in a time machine but I certainly value time much more now and try to make sure I make every moment counts and what I’m doing in every moment maximizes my time! It’s a constant challenge but something I’m definitely getting better at.
  • Taking Myself Less Seriously And Having Fun. As an introverted businesswoman I’ve been more on the serious side and as my own worst critic I would get down on myself a lot even while I was succeeding! But having a child enabled me to see things through a child’s eyes. It’s like a second chance at seeing things for the first time! And what’s amazing is it happened again with every child I had (3 times now!) My kids want to have fun all the time and it caused me to just loosen up a bit and have a great time with them. Of course I’m also teaching them how to focus and get serious but at the same time it’s so great to be a kid again with them!
  • Getting Rid Of My Obsession Of Doing Things Perfectly All The Time. Somewhat a perfectionist, I love when things are orderly, planned, structured and organized. And until I had kids I was really great at living my life that way, with the occasional spontaneity. After I had my first kid I tried really hard to keep that up and it worked for a little while… but then I got pregnant with my second and perfectionism went out the window real quick. Now with my third I am getting more comfortable with chaos… although I still appreciate the feeling of things being orderly I am realizing everything can still go on when there is a mess! The point is I am not as obsessed with things being perfect all the time and it’s beneficial because it allows me to focus on other things even while things may get unorganized and “move on” quicker.

It gets me so excited to know I am constantly growing and working on myself! Success, whether as a parent or entrepreneur requires constant and never ending improvement. Stay fired up on your journey and don’t ever arrive, keep growing from success to success and all the failures in between!

Moms! What are some of the things you’ve learned by becoming a mom? Would love to hear, please comment 👇🏻

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