About This Blog

I started this blog to post my thoughts, opinions and news about life, business and personal development. I encourage all of my readers to join in the conversation and share this with anyone whom you think would benefit from reading it as well.

-Fradel Barber

“I live to serve the human potential movement and allow people to see the best in themselves through the works of other people who have done great things and through their stories.” – Oprah


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  1. Hi Fradel!

    My name is Shannon Proverbs and I’m a 27 year old Senior Associate with WFG. My team is mostly young women who are striving to have the same level of excellence and success that you have achieved. I must say I am so excited to have found you on the web because I am trying to establish a presence using social media, blogs, and a website. It’s nice to find a virtual mentor to model her business after. I have a question (we all do): You are young, driven, attractive, and goal-oriented. My team and I are having some difficulty in the financial industry finding serious clients that want to save and invest in their dreams, not invest in trying to get a date or plain brush us off. How do you deal with being a woman in this industry and how do you keep your clients focused purely on business?


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