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Becoming a Mother: How It Helped Me Grow

There is no doubt about it, becoming a mom is one of the most sacrificial, selfless, and many times scary things that will take place in a women’s life!
However, what there is to gain is sooo beneficial and worth it! … and I’m not just talking about the cute baby you get to love! I’m talking about the way becoming a mother helps you grow as a person, at least it did for me!

Power of Mental Toughness: Birth story

The last 48 hours has been an unbelievable experience for me! I gave birth to a beautiful 7.4lb princess named Arielle. The ability to give life is the biggest blessing; there is no greater feeling in the world!

I felt that through this experience I was able to reach and surpass a breakthrough for myself that I didn’t think was possible, physically and mentally.